Ida and Eva Franz

by Kerry

I am researching my family on my maternal grandmothers side. The information I would like to extend on is about two sisters who were born in Alsace Lorraine, Ida (1854) and Eva Franz (1862). There is little known about their parents but I have this bit of information, the girls mother was Whilomena Vernor and father was John. Both girls immigrated to Australia in 1877 . They travelled on the ship Lammershagen which set sail from Hamburg. The girls were 23 and 15 years old. They came with no other family. I would be interested in knowing why their family did not come. I am intrigued to know why these two young women travelled all the way to start a new life in Australia. My grandmother told me once that her grandmother was French speaking. I have researched the regions history and realise Gremany had taken control around six years before they left. I would lbe grateful to hear from anyone who may help me.

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by: Suzele

I can't say for sure but in the 1800s, a lot of Alsatians left. Not the entire family but some of the children.

Probably because there was not enough land to support everyone or the family business couldn't support everyone.

Or there weren't enough jobs available or the jobs available were really not great and the idea of moving somewhere else and setting up a farm or a business or getting a job sounded like a fantastic idea.

Usually it was boys that left of course.
It's possible that their parents died as well.
To be sure, you would have to figure out which village or town they were from.

I would guess that they weren't French speakers because it wasn't common for most Alsatians to speak French. And if they had been French speakers, they would have likely moved to France not Australia.

But anything is possible : )

Good luck!

Thanks Suzelle
by: Kerry

Thank you so much for responding to my request. I had also thought the parents may have died during the war. There were a lot of Germany and French people who migrated to Australia during that time. Thank you for posting my request so others can also respond. Hopefully I may be able to solve the mystery. Warm regards,Kerry.

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