Hotels with secure parking

by Christi
(Pleasanton, CA, USA)

Hi Suzele

How do you suggest I find hotels in the region when my primary requirement is for secure parking? Is there a way to filter my criteria for that? Do you know of specific hotels in Alsace that have secure indoor parking?


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by: Suzele

Hi Christi,

It varies a lot from hotel to hotel. But Alsace is not exactly a dangerous place where you would be overly concerned with parking.

For that reason, it's hard to find that sort of information. The most secure parking is in small villages that have very few outsiders visiting.

So none of the big cities or super touristy little villages would be appropriate.

Of course the parking is not indoors or locked up, but the village is so small that everyone knows everyone else's grandmother.

If you absolutely must have private indoor parking, your best bet would be the high end luxury style hotels. They tend to have more amenities.

But you'll have to confirm that with them and probably reserve a spot to guarantee that's available to you.

Or if you prefer not to deal with the hassle of a car, you can always hire a private tour guide like me to make sure you have a relaxing time in Alsace : )

Hope it's helpful,


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