Has anyone run across this German name?: SCHLICHTHÖRNLEIN

by Gayle
(Kentucky, U.S.)

The family story says my ancestors came from somewhere in the Alsace-Lorraine region, near the Black Forest.

Ten years of researching Germany (years 1823-1850) have gleaned little information. Thought I'd try this before I declare a total brick wall.

I've tried getting into the Association Généalogique et héraldique du Val de Lièpvre et Environs site, but it always times out and gives me a blank page. Sigh, another dead end.

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by: Suzele

Hi Gayle,

It doesn't sound completely foreign to me.
I don't know anyone with that name right now, but there are variations not so far away from it.

Have you tried Switzerland or Austria?

You maybe dealing with a name that evolved
or misspelled
or it could be a placename.

It kinda gives me that idea personally.
Lein means little.

Schildhorn and Schilthorn are both places.
One in Germany and one in Switzerland.

Hope it helps.
Good luck!

I found them this weekend!
by: Gayle

Apparently the family story must have been about the maternal side, not the paternal line I was searching for. In spite of that, I found my ancestors...

They came from Schlusselfeld-Reichmannsdorf, Bamberg, Bayern area.

From what I've been reading, names where changed a bit to differentiate between families. Originally the name was spelled Schlichaar, and graduated to whatever, then SchlichthÖrline, and ours stuck an N in for good measure.

Believe me, there are loads of misspellings of the name. So far I've run into 36, but they're all mine. :-)

Thanks so much for you site, it seems to have brought me luck in tracking them down.

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