Hamberger family

by James

Hello, I am looking for information about my ancestors, The only name I have is my Great grandfathers, Karl Hamberger (not sure if it is the correct spelling) born around around 1870. I have been told he was from Alsace and moved to England, I'm unsure of the year he emigrated but 1892 has been mentioned.
If anyone has any information that may help me I look forward to hearing from you.

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More info?
by: Suzele

Hi James,

Thanks for the info!

Do you have any more info or any other relatives from Alsace?

If you have any tiny info that might help narrow down what village or town in Alsace, that would help you soo much in your research.

I can say that the name Hamberger is really not common here.

I don't think I've ever come across it in Switzerland or even Southern Germany either.

I'm guessing that the name comes from another part of Germany or another germanic country.

And he emigrated to Alsace at some point.

That did happen.

In any case, it looks like an interesting story to discover.

Happy hunting!

Hamberger family
by: James

Hi Suzele,
Thank you for your message, the only other information I have after talking with family is apparently that he had 2 brothers, Theodor and Maxwell, Possibly a father called Georg and Mother called Friedka, I also believe this was his second marriage.

I have done some searching with a very useful website listing communes of Alsace,
I have search the surnames by location and have come up with 3 possible locations that Hambergers lived in, these are Bas-Rhin: Gottenhouse in Marmoutier, Monswiller in Saverne and in Haut-Rhin: Colmar, as yet I am not sure on the accuracy of this but it's a starting place.

I agree the surname is probably from Germany or a Germanic country and not psenonimous with Alsace.


by: Anonymous

Hi James
My name is Martin and I think we are looking for the same family did he live in Walthamstow London and have you found any more information

Hamberger Family
by: James

Hi Martin, Yes he lived in Walthamstow so I would imagine it is the same family. I am the grandson of Bertha Hamberger. Unfortunately I haven't found any more information but I am always looking.

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