Grape Harvest in Alsace

by Thomas
(Alabama, USA)

My wife and I are planning 10 day trip to Alsace in late September this year.

We had planned to do some hiking through the vineyards and castles around Kayersburg, Ribeauville, and Riquewihr for a couple of days.

However, we just learned that the vineyard trails are closed in September during the harvest!

Does this eliminate our hiking plans around these villages completely?


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Hiking in the Vineyards during Harvest
by: Suzele

Hi Thomas,

At first I was a bit confused by your question mainly because I have been "in the vineyards" in September and October and I've never even noticed that they were "closed".

In fact I got close enough to take all of my grape photos on in September and October.

The harvests vary from vineyard to vineyard but they usually take place in late September or early October (depending on which grape variety is planted, the weather that year and whether or not it's meant for late harvest or noble rot wines).

So from my own personal experience, I would say that you will probably be able to go for a walk in the hills where the grapes are.

But I'll make two exceptions...

1) Some vineyard areas may be closed off completely. I've never seen it, but anything's possible.

2) There is a difference between a walking path inside a vineyard and a very small paved road that goes through a vineyard.

The walking paths might be what they mean when they say "you can't walk in the vineyards". But the very small paved streets, from experience, have always been open when I was on the wine road in Alsace.

And there isn't much traffic on these little streets.

You'll see what I mean when you get to Alsace. The wine road is basically vineyards with villages here and there and some roads connecting them together.

It's impossible to be very far away from the grapes at any time.

So enjoy your trip!
(and share your photos with us when you get back!!)


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