Goose Liver Pate or Foie Gras d'Oie

by Suzele

Stocked up shelves of foie gras in Alsace at Christmas time

Stocked up shelves of foie gras in Alsace at Christmas time

I know that goose liver pate (commonly known as foie gras d'oie in French) is a controversial subject in some countries...

But in France, it is a tradition and 99.99% of the French population adore it.

So if you are in France at Christmas time, you will see foie gras everywhere in stores.

Just have a look at the photo from one of our lovely French supermarkets taken at Christmas time...

Foie gras tastes nothing like liver so not a problem for those of you who dislike the taste of liver.

For Christmas dinner, goose liver pate (or duck liver pate) is as common as cranberry sauce or mashed potatoes is in the US.

I've been using the English translation "goose liver pate" when in reality, it doesn't always come in a paté form.

Foie gras can be prepared whole, in slices, or in a paste or paté form.

You can find it throughout the year in shops and restaurants of course, but there may be some special recipes that you can't find at other times of the year.

It is a luxury item so you get what you pay for...

You can find very nice goose liver pate in supermarkets already prepared and ready to eat or you can buy the whole liver or a portion of it and prepare it yourself!

As you would expect, nicer restaurants make their own foie gras and at Christmas time sometimes they will sell it...

Butchers in particular usually prepare foie gras for customers at this time of year.

If you've never tried it, order an appetizer of goose liver pate for the table and everyone can give it a shot.

Normally you eat it with toast...personally I love it!

Of course, like everything there are many different secret recipes for preparing goose liver pate so it will not taste the same everywhere you go.

And the better quality it is, the better the taste.

Freelige Wiinachta e' a gueta*


*Merry Christmas and Bon Appetit in Alsatian

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Siebenburgische Saxon
by: Charlie

Froehliche Weinachten little lady!:-)

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