Going to the Village Markets in Alsace

by David

We just booked a three week stay for an apartment in Beblenheim. We'll be there in September.

Having an apartment with a kitchen means we can cook at “home” so I am looking forward to exploring the village markets for all the wonderful fresh produce, breads, and fishes I have been reading about.

We will have a car so we can explore and I hope to see just a small bit of Germany and Switzerland. Is it unreasonable to expect to do a day trip to Basel?

We are very excited about our pending visit and are hoping there are many more in the years to come.

Au revoir, David (is that correct way to end a note?)

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Going to the Village Markets in Alsace
by: Suzele

Hi David,

Sounds great...off the beaten path a little but near everything.

Definitely interested in seeing pictures when you get back from your trip! : )

It'll definitely be a great experience for you. The markets are a lot of fun. The butchers usually have some incredible stuff.

Handmade sausages that would make people who hate sausage love them... And they make a lot of handmade dishes that are difficult to do at home like Fleischschnacka and different patés.

And in September you can check out some of the street festivals going on in different villages...

Ribeauvillé has one the first week of September and it's very well known so it won't be a little street festival, but even a normal street festival is a lot of fun.

You can definitely make a day trip to Basel or Freiburg. It's about an hour or less there...

But take the train to Basel if you can. Driving and parking in Basel is a pain in the butt. The train station is very close to the old part of town and they have a great tram system.

Mini French lesson... ; )

To begin an email..."Bonjour" and the easy way to end one is "Cordialement". It's like "Sincerely" or "Best Regards"...but with friends you can use "à bientôt" or "à +". It's like "See you later".

Me? I say...

Enjoy yourself : )


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