German ancestry for Jacob Hamm

by Sylvia

Hi everyone,

Looking for the family name HAM or HAMM

Anyone searching this name? I'm looking for an ancestor from the area of Germany. My ancestor, Jacob Hamm was said to come from there 1749...

Please let me know if you are looking for something similiar or are related to him.

Would love to compare notes...

Sylvia Hamm

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More Info about Jacob Hamm
by: Sylvia

My ancestor, JACOB HAMM, is said to have come from one of three places: Hanau, Alsace or Wuerttemberg.

He was born in 1729 "in Germany" and died the 10th of April 1778 at Abbotts Creek, North Carolina USA.

He came to America on the ship "Speedwell" in 1749, with his brothers Andreas and David. Where were they from? Is anyone able to help ?

Sylvia Hamm
NB, Canada.

Just a comment : )
by: Suzele

Hi Sylvia,

Just a comment on your ancestor Jacob Hamm...

If he was born in Germany in the 1700s, he wasn't born in Alsace. Alsace was not part of Germany at the time.

Alsace didn't become part of Germany again until 1871. From the late 1600s until 1871, Alsace was part of France.

So unless the records are incorrect, Hanau and Wuerttemberg are the only options.

Hope it helps,

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