Friday Open Air Markets near Saint Louis in Alsace

by Joanna
(Basel, Switzerland)

Which town next to Saint Louis has market stalls in the plaza on Friday mornings with a stall with Bernard Anthony cheese?

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Saturday Markets in Alsace
by: Suzele

There are a lot of open air markets during the week in Saint-Louis.

The Saint Louis area includes Village Neuf, Huningue, Hegenheim and Neuweg. You can look on each village's individual website for information about the days and locations of their regular weekly markets.

To find out which vendors are at each market, you would have to go to each market and find out. I'm not aware of any listing of them anywhere.

But most of the people selling at the different markets are probably there every week (except for when they are on vacation of course).

Most of the ones in Saint Louis have just a few people selling mostly food...usually fruits, vegetables, meat, and maybe some bread.

They don't even really qualify as open air markets in my opinion...

But everywhere in Alsace (including Saint-Louis) there is a big open air market on Saturday.

In the rest of France it is on Sunday, but not Alsace...

At this market, you'll find a lot of food and all sorts of other things (each village is different).

Usually you'll find a very nice selection of high quality food, usually made from scratch (hand made) and fresh.

And if you're looking for a special cheese, you might want to try the local cheese shop in Saint-Louis.

Hope it helps,

The answer is Huningue
by: Phina

The market next to St. Louis, where Anthony sells his cheese, is in Huningue. It's open fridays 8-12, I think.
You can find the information, together with some other markets where he offers his amazing cheese, on Anthony's website.

Hope this helps :)

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