Finding relatives Koerin from Alsace Lorraine

by Theresa
(Baton Rouge, Louisiana)

I am looking for family with the name Koerin. My great grandfather Frank Koerin immigrated from the Alsace Lorraine region in 1893 to New Orleans.

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More information
by: Suzele

Hi Theresa,

Can you provide more information here?

The more information, the better the chance your post will be found by someone looking for similar information...and who might have some information for you.

Do you have any other family member names?

More dates?

Any names of towns or villages?

Anything else about your ancestors?

Without more details, it's not easy to get anything.

Hope it helps,

Updated info
by: Theresa

Have recently learned Frank Koerin had 2 sisters, one was possibly a nun.

And then where did he go?
by: Jeanne BornefeldAnonymous

I don't have any Koerin's in my family tree, but plenty of people in Bas-Rhin Alsace. Several of my ancestors came in the Port of New Orleans and came up the Mississippi River. Did he stay in New Orleans, if so there were more people than just this person who came in.

Best wishes in your search, Jeanne

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