Find Marriage Record for August Wilhelm Gaudian

by Michael Riha
(Williamsburg, VA, USA)

50th Anniv August and Hulda Gaudian

50th Anniv August and Hulda Gaudian

I would like to locate the marriage record(s) for August Wilhelm Gaudian.
Born: 20 Aug 1848 Alsace-Lorraine, Pomerania
Died: 6 Apr 1922 Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Immigrated to the US between 1873-1876

He was married twice:

1st: Wilhelmine Prill
BIRTH 19 JAN 1841 • Domelsaf, West Preussen, Germany
DEATH 1 APR 1918 • Paullina, O'Brien County, Iowa, United States of America
Guess: Married between 1864-1868 (1st child born 1868 in Prussia)

2nd: Hulda Augusta Luebke
BIRTH 12 JUN 1852 • Pommern, Cochem-Zell, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany
DEATH 05 DEC 1933 • Milwaukee, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
Guess: Married between 1868-1870 (1st child born 1870 in Germany)

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by: Suzele

Hi Michael,

Thanks for leaving so much info!
You'll have a much better chance of someone finding it (if they are searching for similar info).

One question for you...
It's nowhere near Alsace or Lorraine.
It's near the Baltic sea.

So I'm wondering what it has to do with your ancestor.

Was he born in one area and moved to another?
Are you aware of any information relating to this point?

Just something to consider.

Good luck with your search,

Reply to Susan's Comment
by: Mike Riha


All I have is:
August Wilhelm Gaudian
BIRTH 20 AUG 1848 • Alsace-Lorraine, France, or Pammerania, Germany
DEATH 06 APR 1922 • Milwaukee, Wisconsin

I think Alsace-Lorraine is close to Stuttgart, GE. So, my thought is the whole area was Bohemia at the time and the traditional France and Germany boarder was in flux. Sorry, I can not provide more.

No Bohemia Here
by: Suzele

Hi Michael,

Sorry but Alsace (nor Lorraine) was never a part of Bohemia.

Bohemia is on the other side of Germany near Austria and Poland. depends on when since it moved around a bit. But it was never close to Alsace ;)

Good luck with your searching,

Reply to Susan
by: Mike Riha

You are correct. My mistake. Confused with my Fathers side of ancestry. My father's side is from Bohemia. So, please disregard previous statement for August Gaudian.


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