Famous Statues in Strasbourg and the History of Alsace

by I didn't say who I am

I'm trying to recall the name of a famous French military leader from World War One.

There is a statue of him, on a horse I think, in one of the squares of Strasbourg.

Can you tell me his name?

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Statues in Strasbourg
by: Suzele

Well...there are a lot of statues and monuments in Strasbourg, so I could be missing a few, but I can't remember any of the well known ones on horses...

The ones most people visiting Strasbourg might see are...

General LeClerc (World War Two)
General Kleber (French Revolutionary Wars)
Johannes Gutenberg (non military)

Of those three only General Kleber is from Alsace (Strasbourg to be specific).

Regarding World War One and Alsace, it is entirely possible that there are a few famous Alsatians that made their way up the chain of command in the French army.

But because Alsace was a part of the German Empire when the first world war started, most Alsatians were sent to the Eastern Front in Russia.

Not that they were particularly interested in fighting for Germany against France, but they weren't exactly volunteering to help the Germans anywhere.

There were a few people who desserted the German army and joined the French army, but they were usually sent elsewhere (like North Africa).

You may be thinking of General Ferdinand Foch who was a famous general during World War One, but he's not from Alsace.

Sorry I couldn't be more helpful,

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