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by Barbara

How common is this name?

My great grandfather came to North America in the 1800's from Alsace. His name was Georg(e) Werckle.

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How to Find Family Names in France
by: Suzele

Hi Barbara,

You can do a search on the French Yellow Pages for any name in any part of France.

That would be the easiest way to do it...

Qui/Quoi: Who/What

Ou: Where

For Qui/Quoi, you just put the name you have and see what happens.

You can try different variations of the name.

Depending on how it goes, you may get a few interesting locations to do more research on. But if it's a very common name, this strategy might not be very helpful to you.

For Ou, if you have a village name, great! Try it and see what happens.

Hopefully one of the variations of the name that you have will give you some information.

If you have no idea where or the village names aren't working because they don't exist, try "Haut Rhin" or "Bas Rhin".

Those are the two departments in Alsace.

Bas Rhin is northern Alsace. Haut Rhin is southern Alsace.

Who may find someone with that name and then you could do a number of things depending on how motivated you are...

You could advertise in the local village somehow that you are looking for relatives of (insert name).

You could even contact the person directly if you find very few people with the name you are looking for.

And the most interesting option is to come to Alsace, visit the village, the cemetery, the mairie, the parish church and talk to the people that you have already contacted.

Even if a village name doesn't exist anymore, chances are your relatives still live nearby.

You'll find more useful information about researching your family tree here as well as in many of the responses to questions about genealogical research here...

Good luck and have fun! : )

Werckel/Weckel ancestors
by: Jeanne

My ancestor, Joseph Reinbolt married Anna Weckel on 31 August 1745. Joseph Reinbolt was of Wingersheim and Anna Weckel was of Bilsheim. She is a daughter of Adam Weckel and Anna Maria Arbogast.

I don't know if this could be the same name - that is Weckel/Werkel. It is clearly Weckel in the records of my ancestors. It is so close that I thought I would send you this message in case it will help.

Best wishes, Jeanne

Weckel and Arbogast Are My Ancestors!
by: waeckel esslinger lionel

Hi !

Werkel = Weckel. The couple Adam Weckel (also Waeckel) and Anna Arbogast had 17 children.

He was Maître des Eaux et Forêts. I can't find the exact translation in English, but it means that he was master of the waters and forests or high forester possibly or master or sheriff of forestry.

He was also Maitre Arpenteur or master of surveying or land measuring or a master land surveyor in the suburb of Strasburg (German spelling) or Strasbourg (French spelling) in a village called La Wanzenau.

He was nominated to this position by the Duke of Choiseul. I have one of the different crests of the family in Alsace.

The ancestor was Lorentz Johannes (French spelling : Laurent Jean Weckel) 1580/85-1645?

Waeckler, Wäkhler, Wenckler, Wenckel... There are a lot of different meanings of this family name.

If you are a descendant of this family, you can contact me at waeckel69 AT

Lionel Esslinger

Weckel Family Genealogy
by: waeckel

You can find more information about the Weckel family genealogy at Didier Ott's website in English, French, and German.

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