Escargots in the French Supermarkets in Alsace

by Suzele

Escargots or Snails in a French Supermarket in Alsace

Escargots or Snails in a French Supermarket in Alsace

I know...I know...some of you are thinking I must be crazy to think that you would even consider eating escargots also know as snails...

And when I first moved to France, I felt the exact same way.

I couldn't even fathom a good reason to eat something so disgusting...

But...let me tell are missing out if you don't...

The French love food...they invented haute cuisine and they wouldn't dare offer up something that wouldn't be wonderful.

I can't comment so much on Escargots in other regions, but the Alsatian version is heavenly.

A magical combination of parsley, garlic, butter and a few other divine ingredients will render anything delicious in my opinion.

You can find pre prepped ready to cook escargot in the grocery store in Alsace...

But if you've never tried them, I recommend you order a half dozen (or dozen if you want) as an appetizer in a restaurant.

Most restaurants have them on the menu.

Make sure to get the Escargots à l'Alsacienne ...if no one told you they were would eat them up and order more...

The escargot in the grocery store are also very good but the richness of the sauce varies from brand to brand.

First you need to know what they should taste like before experimenting with the at home version.

As a general rule, the Alsatian supermarket brands (with Germanic names usually) will be better.

And don't go for the lowest priced ones.

Specialty grocery stores like Thiriet will have a better quality product as well (for a higher price of course).

A gueta (bon appetit in Alsatian)


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