Emigration from Durrenbach 1872 / 1873

by Richard Schneider
(Florida USA)

My great-great grandfather emigrated from Durrenbach Alsace said to be leaving Durrenbach 26 Dec 1872. His name was JOSEPH SCHNEIDER. Parents were Ignatz Schneider and Catherine Mundweiller. I am interested in trying to locate information on his exit from Durrenbach to the USA (1) passport and permission to leave Durrenbach (2) exit port and ship he travelled on and its destination in USA and date of departure (3) a baptizmal certificate from St Bartholomeu in Durrenbach and information on the family cemetery plot and possible photo of it (4) what his house address was and how it passed from family member to member when one died and possible photo of it today.
Can you offer any suggestions on above of how and where I may research some of this information.

Thank you
Dick Schneider

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Emigration fall 1872
by: Kandace York

Hi. I don't have answers to your specific questions, but my great-grandfather left Durrenbach in 1872, too, just a couple months earlier than your ancestor. From what I can tell, many, many young men left Durrenbach in 1872; trans-Atlantic ship companies offered them affordable transportation to the U.S. where young, able-bodied, hard-working men were needed to settle land. I'm going to Durrenbach in 2020, and if you give me names I'll try to find them in the cemetery there. I don't know how successful I'll be, with the extent of Durrenbach's destruction in the Franco-Prussian War, but on Google Maps I saw one (fuzzy) headstone with a couple of my ancestors' names, and that headstone dated to the late 1700s/early 1800s. So there must be a chance?

Kandace York

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