Day trips for 5 days in Alsace

by Laura

Hi, I have enjoyed your web site. I am a mature woman traveling alone to this area by train.

I am planning to base myself in Strasbourg for 6 nights and take the train each day to visit the different villages. Is that what you would recommend?

Would Basel be too far for a day trip by train? Is it cool in the evenings? Safe for a woman alone?

Thanks so much for your help.

It has taken me several hours but I'm so glad I have found this site.

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Visiting Basel and other Day Trips by Train
by: Suzele

Basel is definitely worth the trip!

It's only an hour and maybe 20 minutes on the train to Basel from Strasbourg. That'll take you right in the middle of town not far away from the old part of town.

Basel (and Switzerland in general) is one of the safest countries in Europe I think.

It is VERY safe for women travelling alone.

I consider Alsace in general to be very safe as well. It's mostly small villages and people know everyone else's business like most small towns. They are generally pretty quiet.

In bigger cities there may be less nice areas, but I've never seen them and they aren't in the historic areas anyway.

Although I've heard that the area around the Strasbourg train station is known as an area for "street walkers"...not a danger...but it might be a bit of a surprise...

Alsace is a really small region so you're never more than an hour or two (at the most) away from anywhere else in Alsace.

Unless you are driving from village to village on the small village roads (and then you wouldn't want to be in a hurry anyway!)

But on a train...that's not a problem...

As to whether it's cool at night, it depends on the season...

In the summer it's usually pretty warm... sometimes downright hot.

In the Spring and Fall, it can range from cool to hot...and even occasionally plan for anything in the Spring or Fall...

Normally in Spring and Fall it is pleasant...not too cold...not too hot...and cooler in the evening.

I hope you have a great trip! (and I'd love to hear all about it after you get back)


Avoid Basel on Sundays
by: Tom - Riverside

Basel is a nice city with an excellent transportation system (Trams go just about everywhere).

We were there for two nights and one day. The one mistake we made was visiting on a Sunday.

Everything in old town Basel is closed on Sunday. We wound up eating at the Brasserie in the train station (which actually was quite good). So don't visit on Sunday!

Basel in July
by: Suzele

I'd also like to add that if you're going to Basel in July, a lot of small businesses (including restaurants) close when they go on vacation.


It's when all the kids are out of school so most people in Basel take at least a few weeks vacation in July.

You have very little to worry about in Alsace, because July and August is an important tourist season (and so is December) so most businesses that deal with tourists will be open in July, August and December (but maybe not December 25th).

If you're going to be in an area that is not the slightest bit touristy, then you will notice a lot of businesses close for a few weeks in August.

It's the most popular month for summer vacations in Alsace.

Hope it helps,

I'm going to try this too..
by: Kristl

I will be travelling with my mom and plan for Strasbourg as the base for my trip and make day trips out. Good to know the area is safe for women travellers. I plan to visit Basel too. Any recommendations which places are good for day trips by train? We have 2 full days and 1 half day in the region.

Also would language be a problem? I speak only English and a smattering of French and German.

ps. Suzele, glad I found your site. It's excellent!


Visiting Strasbourg
by: Suzele

If you're visiting Strasbourg, you will want to get my Alsace guide book for northern Alsace. It has everything you need to know about Strabourg and lots of interesting things to do in the area north of the city.

There are a lot of interesting things to do in this area...that most people don't know anything about...

There's more to Alsace than the Wine Road ; )

Of course I also do travel plans when I'm not busy doing private tours.

And the website has tons of information if you have the time to read it all! : )

Have a great trip,

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