by Judith
(West Virginia USA)

Why is Colmar not on the website?

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by: Suzele

Yeah...the website is really big, so you might not have found the pages with Colmar on them.

These pages aren't on the navigation bar (to your left), so it seems like there's no info about Colmar.

And at the same time, there isn't a page dedicated to Colmar...yet.

It's because building and maintaining a website is a ton of work and I do have to sleep, eat and earn a living.

Unfortunately (or fortunately maybe ; ) I'm not a bored housewife or heiress!

So Colmar will eventually have its own page. It is on my list.

Buying my products (they are high quality and well researched) and using my travel services are good ways to speed up the development of this website...hint...hint ; )

Another way to say "thank you" is to share this site with other people!

At the bottom of every page at GetAlsaced, there are some easy buttons for sharing on your favorite interactive websites like FaceBook, Google+ and others.

I put my heart and everything I've got into what I do, so I really hope you are enjoying the site (and maybe some of my offerings too)!

Happy Travels!

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