Choucroute: Alsatian Sauerkraut

by Suzele

Ready to Go Choucroute in the Grocery Store

Ready to Go Choucroute in the Grocery Store

Choucroute is the Alsatian version of sauerkraut but it is not sauerkraut...

Alsace may be a region with a Germanic culture, but they have their own way of doing things and it is quite different than what you find in Germany.

That goes for food, wine, everything...

And you can find Choucroute in the French supermarket in Alsace too!

It's pronounced shoo croot...chou is the French word for cabbage and croute is the Alsatian pronunciation (spelled using French rules) for cabbage.

Cabbage cabbage? ; )

Chou can also mean "honey" or "baby" or "sweetie" as a term of endearment for someone you care about.

I suppose it could translate to "sweet cabbage" which could make sense because it is a bit sweeter than traditional German Sauerkraut.

You'll just have to try it out for yourself!

In a restaurant, Choucroute makes for a big meal, but if you'd like to try it out as a side dish or just share it with your fellow travelers, you can also buy it ready to go (almost) at most grocery stores in Alsace.

All you have to do it but everything in a big pot and cook it...

You can find it year round of course in restaurants and grocery stores in Alsace.

Choucroute or sürkrüt in Alsatian is usually prepared in the fall after the cabbage harvest. The fermentation process takes at least 4 weeks and can go much longer.

Afterwards the dish itself is made with sausage, different cuts of smoked pork, sometimes potatoes and traditionally with Riesling wine.

It can also be prepared with fish.

And you can make it for yourself with a dutch oven or large pot with a lid when you visit Alsace!

Bon Appetit or A Gueta!


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