Bomber Crash Sites of WWII in Alsace

I'm looking for information about the following events. If you know something please post below. Thanks.

On 6 September, 1943, a B-17 was shot down to the southwest of Strasbourg. As it was seen falling in a tight left spin, a German fighter was also seen falling to Earth.

We have located the German fighter crash site in the Wisch river to the southwest of the Jewish Cemetery at Rosenwiller. We have not found the B-17 crash site and apparently, none of the local military historians know about it.

When a survivor was still falling in his parachute, he saw the left wing break off and land about a kilometer from where the rest of the bomber fell. Both were on fire when he lost sight of them.

He was later told, the Germans visited the crash site and found three dead, which they buried. These deaths were not reported to the Red Cross, as was the fourth man who fell to his death after the B-17 began to spin.

I have spent several weeks in the Strasbourg area searching for this crash site. It is very important to find, as it is the 70th Anniversary of the death of the men, this 6 September 2013. And, their remains were later misidentified as having died at Voves, near Chartres. The actual men who died in that crash are still carried as Missing In Action.

If we can find the Strasbourg area crash site, the US Government will re-identify the wrong dead and all eight can be correctly identified.

I believe, that one of two groups have to know where that crash site is, either hikers or foresters. Google Earth shows that almost, if not all, the forests have been cut down and re-foresting has taken place.

I think, the Forestry Department should have the crash site marked on their maps, if I could find where I have to visit to see their maps.

I think, that some hikers must know about the crash site, but do not know if it is important at this time to officially find it and search for the three dead most likely buried there.

I know, this is a long email. However, I really need the help of someone who knows the area and is interested in war history.

My father, for whom the museum is named, served for a short time in the Vosges, during WWI, with the American 6th Division.

Willis S. Cole, Jr. or just "Sam"
Executive Director/Curator
Battery Corporal Willis S. Cole Military Museum

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Crash site B-17 in Alsace
by: Bernard Valentin

My parents grew up in Alsace during the war and my family and were visiting and my father pointed out the crash site of a b 17 pilot to me 27+years ago.

My Father is no longer with us, but I have an uncle that may have knowledge. My father was raised in Dambach La Ville near Selestat.

Your description matches my Fathers description closely. He said it was hit by Nazi fighters during a bomber run and a few Airmen got out and were captired but some died in the crash.

b17 crash site
by: Anonymous

Has there been any update to this crash site?

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