Birth Records for My GG Grandfather in Saverne Alsace France

by Karen
(Brooksville,Florida USA)

Hi everyone,

I am trying to verify a birth date for my great-great-grandfather Francois Huttler born on
30 Dec. 1837 in Zabern or Saverne in the Bas-Rhin department of Alsace in France. He was married to a Marie Anna Ringenbach.

Also I would like to verify the birth date of my great grandfather, in New York. He was known as
Rene C. Huttler born on 7 Jan. 1875.

I think he changed his name which would have been Joseph Huttler.

Can you help?

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Your Alsace Relatives from Saverne France
by: Suzele

Hi Karen,

Normally assuming the records weren't destroyed or lost (unlikely but it happens), you should be able to find the birth records for Fran├žois Huttler in Saverne.

Assuming their marriage took place in Saverne (or nearby), you should be able to find marriage records too.

You might have to dig around to find which year (and if they didn't move to a village nearby).

And if they had more children (very likely), you can find them by just digging through the records for Huttlers born to Fran├žois and Marie Anna.

Of course, it's something you do a bit here and there over time (assuming you can read French handwriting).

The records should be written in French.

As for your relative born in New York, I would imagine that you can do that more easily. I don't have any experience with looking for US records, so I can't help you with it.

But since it's written in English, I imagine it will be easier for you to do.

I'm suprised about the name change from Rene to Joseph. That is very odd. Are you sure it's not another child?

Or it could be his second (middle) name.

In any case, hope your research is going well!

And if you have any questions about your ancestors non official life (like how they felt about marrying outside of their village or how they went about finding a potential spouse), let me know.

This is one of my areas of interest, and I'm always looking to know more about what you want to know about your Alsace ancestors.

Happy hunting,

Birth Records for My GG Grandfather in Saverne Alsace France
by: Karen Lowe

Thank you for your information
I have a brother of my Grandfather a Frank Xavier who according to some records was born Oct. 18, 1888 in Thann, Alsace France is that a place that would have Records?

Thann Alsace France?
by: Suzele

Hi Karen,

Wow, Thann?

It's a small town so they should have what you are looking for if your Alsace relative was born, married, had kids or died there.

It's a really really long way from Saverne.

Like the other end of Alsace.

Of course, any village or town could have lost some of its records due to war, fire and anything else.

That area was heavily hit during World War One, so you never know...

Good luck with your Alsace family tree!

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