Are there some worth-visit sites near Strasbourg?

by Liza

I am planning a family trip to Strasbourg (me, my husband and my parents). We are going to stay in Strasbourg for 8 days and I wonder what can we see outside the city: castles, wineries, historical sites, nature sites, etc.?

I would be happy to read your advice.
Many thanks!

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Worth Visiting Sites near Strasbourg
by: Suzele

Hi Liza,

It just so happens that I am finishing up a guide book on that very subject. So yes. There are LOTS of sites to visit less than 2 hours from Strasbourg.

About 250 pages worth of places to go (give or take a few pages since I'm not quite finished with the editing yet).

Military History sites
Great Restaurants
Natural Scenery for Hiking and Biking
Ancient History
Medieval History
Modern and Contemporary History

So if you're interested in everything there is to know about Strasbourg and the lesser known (but worth visiting) areas north of Strasbourg...

It should be available sometime in September 2013!

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