Anton Spitz born in Elsas as well as his parents

by Bernadette
(Denver, Colorado, USA)

Anton was born around 1830. The only records I have are US Census that list him and his parents as born in France or Elsas. There is nothing definitive on for him other than the 1870 and 1880 US Census records. I have no idea who is parents were or where he was born in the Alsace. His wife was Catherina Leis, also born in the Alsace around 1830. Where do I start?

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by: Suzele

You can start by going through every village and town to find him in Alsace.

Everything is organized by village and town.

At least you know he was from Alsace : )

But unfortunately it will be the needle in a haystack kind of search.

You'll probably find him eventually but it could take awhile.

You won't have any guarantees that an Anton is yours, of course unless you find a marriage record.

Good luck!

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