Ancestors of Joseph Bingler in Mulhouse Alsace

by Cynthia Edwards


I am looking for the ancestors of my great uncle, Joseph Bingler.

He was born and died in Mulhouse. Birth - September 21, 1880 Death - September 11,1950.

I am also interested in any information concerning my grandmother - Elise Marie Bueb. The only information I have is she gave birth to Karl Edward Bingler on October 20, 1903 in Mulhouse.

Thank you for your help,

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Finding Info about your Great Uncle from Mulhouse in Alsace
by: Suzele

Hi Cynthia,

You should be able to find this info without too much trouble (assuming the info you have is correct).

Usually, the one thing that can make finding records difficult is not having the village or town name (or when it's not the right village or town).

You have the name of your ancestor. You've got the name of the town, Mulhouse.

And you've got his birth and death dates.

If some of the info (mainly the town name) is incorrect, you will have a good bit of work to do to find the right town.

But name spelling variations and birthdate variations aren't so horrible. Just need more time (and usually not too much more time really).

For your grandmother, once you have the birth certificate for Karl Bingler, you should be able to find enough to then go after her birth certificate.

Ok, there's a catch. You have to be able to read handwritten French or German (for these two relatives, it's likely in German).

Handwritten German is one of the least pleasant to read. Not because of the language. It's just one of the most unnatural writing styles for most modern Europeans.

But we're talking about genealogy records. Not books. So it's doable. But expect to need more time unless the person doing it can read it easily (I know very few people who can).

I'd love to hear more about how your family research is going.

And especially if you have questions about how your family lived in Alsace, their way of life here over 100 years ago.

Their customs and traditions, Alsace history and things like this, it's what I like reading about.

Happy researching,

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