Alsatian Country Style Bacon in French Supermarkets

by Suzele

Alsatian Bacon in a French Grocery Store

Alsatian Bacon in a French Grocery Store

I love bacon...

I don't eat it all the time but I absolutely love it and you are going to love the Alsatian version of it!

First things first...

The French word "bacon" is not what you are looking for. You are looking for "lard".

I know...I know...

It sounds horrible, but that is the French word for bacon. It doesn't mean "animal fat". It means bacon!

And the best part about buying bacon in France is that it comes uncut (see photo).

You can buy as much as you want and you can ask them to cut it for you if you want.

There's nothing like thick cut bacon is there!?! : )

The expression for sliced bacon is "lard en tranches" by the way...

You might find some sliced bacon in the deli section of the French grocery store but more than likely it will be at the butcher or deli counter where you buy it by the gram (usually 100 grams minimum).

FYI...1 pound equals 500 grams.

You can also find bacon at a butcher's shop. There are two kinds of meat shops in Alsace. A boucherie is a butcher's shop where they sell raw meat mostly.

A charcuterie is similar to a deli shop with hams and sausages and the like. They may do prepared foods but it's very different than a deli in the US.

Sometimes they will do both sausages, hams and raw meat. In any case, what you buy in one of these shops will have been prepared at the shop.

Bon Appetit or A Gueta (in Alsatian) : )


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