Alsace Family History Mulhouse and Belfort

by Mary Pollock
(Bedford NH USA)


I'm looking for any information on Martin Bissell of Belfort who married Justine Scherer of Mulhouse Germany.

Did they own a farm? Was she of Jewish descent? Why did they go with their children to Granby Massachusetts USA?


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by: Suzele

Hi Mary,

If you have any information on dates, I recommend you add that. If you don't have it, I understand : )

Off the top of my head and especially without dates, I can't answer any of your questions.

Not that I will be able to with dates, but the more info the better.

If you're interested, I do genealogy research in the slow season (it's a passion of mine, digging through archives and deciphering bad French and German penmanship ; )

Good luck with your research!

Hope your Alsace Family Genealogy Research is going well
by: Suzele

Hi Mary,

Hope your Alsace family tree research is going well.

Some of your info depends on when your Alsace ancestors were alive.

Belfort has a longer French history (with some connections to Alsace), so it's very likely that this family member was born French.

But Justine Scherer, she could have been born into France or Germany (or some different form of Germany even). It's not likely but she could have even been born into Swiss Mulhouse (I'm exaggerating a little there, but it happened).

Without any official records (that would likely say what Martin did for a living), no one can say with any certainty.

Although he could have been a farmer. Especially if he lived outside of Belfort.

Scherer isn't a clearly Jewish name. It means scissors (more or less). And it's a relatively normal every day last name here in Alsace.

If you ever can give me some dates for your French or Alsatian ancestors, I might have an idea about why they moved to the US.

Not always, but I do know a good bit about Alsace's history (and cultural traditions and beliefs too).

Good luck with your French family research!

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