Alexander Briard

by Cheryl Cramer Briard
(Howell NJ USA)

Alexander Briard was born in Alsace. He and his wife Terese emigrated to Dingman's Ferry in Pike, Pennsylvania in 1810. His son, Louis Briard fought in the American Civil War. I believe Alexander was a French Huguenot. I am trying to find more about his ancestry. Thank you. Cheryl Briard

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More info?
by: Suzele

Hi Cheryl,

Do you have any other info about the family?

Briard isn't a typical Alsatian name so it's possible that he's Alsatian or the family was just passing through Alsace.

Huguenots did come to Alsace looking for safety so it's possible his family came to Alsace from somewhere else.

I would guess that they didn't live in a small village in Alsace if they only spoke French.

I would concentrate on the cities.

Strasbourg in particular would be your best bet for finding something possibly.

But it's a needle in a haystack situation when you don't have any other details.

They could be anywhere.

Strasbourg will already take some time because there were more births there than anywhere else in Alsace.

I've also found that certain time periods are missing because of war and fire.

Really hope you find what you are looking for.

Happy hunting,

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