Storks in Alsace

by Tom
(Riverside, CA USA)

Storks in Alsace

Storks in Alsace

When we visited Alsace last month, I had no idea how intertwined in the Alsatian culture the stork (La Cigogne) is.

It is my understanding that the tale of the stork bringing the baby to a family started in Alsace. Is this true?

The site of storks nesting on the top of buildings was incredible. On what I guess was an abandoned building in Munster, I counted 5 storks with nests.

Storks are ubiquitous in Alsace thanks in large part to the stork conservation center in Hunawihr.

If you love these birds, please go and visit. It is quite a site.

It seems that everything that happens in Alsace happens under the watchful eyes of a stork from up above.

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Storks in Alsace
by: Suzele

I can't comment on whether the stork baby story comes from Alsace or not at the moment...

So far no one here has confirmed that story, but I will keep asking around!

But I can tell you that you will see storks everywhere in Alsace...

There are many, many stork refuges here on the wine road and off the wine road.

Alsatians love their storks. It's one of Alsace's many symbols.

I often see them just outside of my house looking for food in the fields or flying around.

You'll find them in greater numbers in the spring and summer, but there are many that stay in Alsace year round at one of the many stork refuges.

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