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What Deliciousness Do You Want More of in 2017?

I'm never satisfied...the more time I spend here in Alsace, the more I keep thinking about what would be even more fun for you (and let's face too haha ; )

What do you want to see more of in 2017?

And I'm at it again...

I've got all kinds of interesting ideas floating around in my head to create some really one of a kind, unique experiences for you here in Alsace.

The sort of experiences that very few people could ever put together...

I'm talking about wine, food, and a lot more, but not just any old wine and food haha!

But I need your help!

What French goodies are you craving right now?

I've been in Alsace for a really long time...the wine, the food, the backroads, all of it is like second nature for me.  I know it better than I know myself ; )

I would love to create something (and I'm not just talking about tours here) that you are going to love.

And yeah...the special one of a kind tours I want to do...

I need to know more about what you would love to experience here in Alsace.

Not some checklist of places to visit...nooooo....we're going to have experiences that none of the crowds will have access tour masses of people to squeeze through...none of that...

And I would love to invite you to join in on the discussion...

I want to bring you the most mouth watering parts of France, so  join me on an adventure of deliciousness ; )

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