Aloies Louis DeGonzague Zinger

by Gerry Mosby
(Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

I recently happened upon a photo of my great great grandfather, Aloies Louis DeGonzague Zinger, born on August 31st, 1813 in Soufflenheim, Alsace, France. The son of Johannes Chrysostimus Zinger (1765-1836) and Marguerite Hasser (1765-1836), and grandson of Josephus Zinger (1742-1799), he married Mary Ann Linseiner (1819-1877) in 1832 and they had twelve children: John, Louis, Caroline, William, Philip (my great grandfather), John Baptist, Mary, George, Catharina, Henry, Edward and Joseph. Do you have any more info about the Zingers in Soufflenheim?

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window and door in an alsace village in france


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